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Academic Writing Residency


The Academic Writing Residency is one month long, and takes place in either July, August or September. This residency is for applicants living in New England / North Eastern US, who are in the writing stages of an academic paper or dissertation focusing on subject matter related to MFT’s mission, and would benefit from an extended period to focus exclusively on their project. Subjects of focus could include:

  • Farmland protection, access, and transfer
  • Farm viability
  • Food systems
  • Agro-ecology
  • Soil health
  • Climate change and agriculture

The residency includes a private room with shared bathroom in the renovated farmhouse at Rolling Acres Farm, shared kitchen and living space, and a writing space adjacent to the bedroom with a large desk and sofa – plus use of a lot of outdoor space. In addition, there is a small outbuilding which can be utilized as an outdoor writing space.

Aside from two visual artists, the academic writing resident can expect to be sharing the house with a resident gardener. All residents have in common that their work relates to the land or the environment in some meaningful way.

The residents will have three shared dinners a month, which will be attended by the residency directors and one or more guests from the art/creative/farming community (two dinners will be catered, one will be a potluck). Beyond these shared dinners, residents will be responsible for all their own meals.

Residents will receive a $1000 stipend and access to all the fresh food grown in the garden, on site.


  • Residents will need to provide all materials and equipment needed for their residency (e.g. a laptop; there is Wifi in the house, but no printer. There is however a print shop in nearby Damariscotta).
  • Residents will have to provide their own transportation to the residency, and while at the residency. Please be advised that this is a remote location, 15 min. by car from the nearest grocery store. There is no public transportation.
  • Residents must further their academic writing while at the residency, and provide evidence thereof. Also, residents are expected to be working on what they described in their application. We do not wish to block creative flow; however, residents should follow through with their proposal with the understanding that this proposal is what led them to be selected. We understand that this creative process may lead in new directions.
  • Residents must attend all three dinners (which include informal studio visits for artists, and sharing of work for other residents) and participate in weekly group check-ins as scheduled by the co-directors.
  • Residents are expected to participate in an open studio day at the end of their residency (which for the academic writing resident, could be a public presentation of an excerpt or summary of their writing), to contribute a page to the residency journal during their stay, and to make at least one piece of work available (or documentation/summary thereof) for an exhibit in the following year.
  • Residents must reside at the Fiore Art Center during their entire residency. Day trips which enrich the residency experience are permitted, overnight absences are not (with minimal exceptions granted for special circumstances, which must be disclosed beforehand).


Applicants living in New England / North Eastern US may apply.

Academics at any career stage may apply, whether attending an educational institution or already established in their career. (However, experience of previous residents has shown that a resident must be very comfortable being self-directed and in a more isolated area to enjoy this residency and reap its benefits.)

Applications are to be submitted online and open December 31st, 2019, and close March 1st, 2020.

Applications are juried by a professional jury during the month of March. Applicants will be selected based on the quality of their work samples, their application statement, and demonstration that their work has a relevant connection to MFT’s mission at large, or the areas of interest specified above.

Notices will be mailed out in the first week of April, 2020.

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