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A residency is an important creative interlude from the demands of everyday life, and allows artists, scholars, writers and performers time to recharge and develop their work with a clear mind. A residency can be a period of critical creative growth, from which both the resident and the public can benefit.

At the Fiore Art Center, we hope to cultivate the cross-pollination of different creative disciplines— farming and gardening, the visual arts, writing, performance and research— all weaving together to inform the continually evolving dialogue between human and environment.

From May through September, we employ a seasonal resident gardener and offer a number of residencies for artists, scholars, writers and performers. Applications are submitted online; the application cycle opens December 31st, and closes March 1st the following year. Applicants are selected by an independent professional jury and are typically notified soon after April 1st.

There is an application fee of $20 (good news – your application fee will be counted towards a Maine Farmland Trust membership if you are not yet a member).

For more information about the residency and details on how to apply, please click on the residency of your choice.


In 2021 we will be offering the remote “virtual” residencies to the residents who chose to defer in 2020 due to the pandemic. We will not be accepting any new applications for the 2021 season.

We offer six, month-long residencies for visual artists: two in July, two in August and two in September.

Typically, one or two of our visual arts residency placements are for an out-of-state artist, one for an international artist, and one may be reserved for a Native American artist living in Maine. The remaining residency placements are for Maine artists.

We offer one month-long writing residency in either July, August or September, depending on the applicant’s availability. For 2020, our residency will be focused on essays / non-fiction.

We offer one month-long performing/interdisciplinary arts residency in either July, August or September, depending on the applicant’s availability. Applicants in the following categories can apply: Performing Arts, Dance/Movement, Storytelling, Songwriting, Interdisciplinary Arts.

The Academic Writing Residency is one month long, and takes place in either July, August or September. This residency is for applicants living in New England or the North East, who are in the writing stages of an academic paper or dissertation focusing on subject matter related to MFT’s mission, and would benefit from an extended period to focus exclusively on their project.

This is a part-time, 5-month seasonal position for someone with at least 2 years of organic gardening experience and an affinity with the arts. The resident gardener will be living on-site with the residents, and is encouraged to use the time at the Fiore Art Center for  creative pursuits if desired. This position is not a juried residency. Interested candidates must submit a job application through MFT by February 10th. Visit our job opportunities page for more information.

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