Ancient Fued
Blossom No. 1
River Mysteries No. 3
Artifact No. 17
River Mysteries No. 2
River Mysteries No. 1
Coastal Waters No. 5
A Tree in the Acres
The Sunbathers No. 1
Sunbathers No. 2

About the Artist

Christopher O'Connor is a native of Ireland, born in the colorful town of Dingle in County Kerry. His work and life are mirrors of one another, in their examination and curiosity of the ever-changing world in which he found himself. Christopher's work focuses primarily on the natural world and the elements that inhabit it. From an early age he became aware of and fascinated by the visual patterns he observed in the natural world of his youth. In the rocks and the waters, in the mosses and the trees, in the ferns and in the falling leaves: everywhere there was pattern and structure, color and form, composition and beauty – elements that seemed to naturally move him. When Christopher turned fifteen his sister gave him a box of oil paints. It became his passion to render this visual awakening through this magical box of colors. Over the years Christopher painted and painted, mixing styles as he mixed color, indiscriminately. His early works show the influences of Cezanne, Matisse, Cubism, Post Impressionism and all the other isms that sprung up in those turbulent times. Reproductions were an invaluable source of study and inspiration. As a young man art books and visiting european museums constituted Christopher's apprenticeship. As a painter he is self-taught. As an artist Christopher chooses to embrace technology as a means to deepen his exploration of the world. Over the last couple of years Christopher has revisited the Post Impressionists and George Seurat in particular, finding a contemporary relevance in the use of depicting phenomena with ‘points' of color. Using digital images as reference points, Christopher explores pixels and their protean ability to depict, distort and represent the natural world in radiant digital form. Christopher is presently working on a series of Blossom paintings created in a photorealist style. The juxtaposition of the ephemeral subject matter with the slow, detailed rendering of it creates a sort of stillness that allows reflection on the very act of looking and the art of rendering what is seen. Christopher has works in many private collections and has held exhibitions in Europe and the United States. His paintings have been featured in national exhibitions such as The Gathering and the annual R.H.A. exhibition in his home country of Ireland.