About the Artist

Painting almost exclusively in oils, Dale enjoys exploring a wide range of subject matter. Relying on varied image sources - sketches from life, photographs, a well-stocked visual memory, and an active imagination - the artist chooses forms and compositions that resonate in his mind. Dale set up a small photography school called Your Mind's Eye in Falls Church, Virginia which he ran from 1975 to 1985. His teaching subsidized a personal exploration of photography's artistic potential, as he created a number of discrete portfolios of work together with a few one-of-a-kind artist books. Work from this period is represented in the collections of such major art museums as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and Houston's Museum of Fine Arts. The artist's career as a painter began after he moved to midcoast Maine in 1987. After settling in to his new environment, Dale gradually came to the realization that he needed to get back to his roots - he finally decided that, if he was ever to achieve his lifelong ambition to be a painter, he had to devote his full energies to the task. After trying watercolor, acrylics and oil pastel, Dale finally found his natural medium when he began working with oils.