Earth's Energy Rising
Gaia Meditation
Green Man's Healing Earth Meditation
Meditation in the Time of the Anthropocene
Moving Forward With Gestating Sustainability
Protective Vigilance

About the Artist

As an idealistic back-to-the-lander in 1970, I moved from New York City to homestead in rural Washington County, Maine. My life filled with country things like wood stoves, gardens, chickens, geese, ducks, horses, goats, dogs and cats, along with birthing my son at home at sunrise beside a big bouquet of mammoth sunflowers that had centers like mandalas. I remember creating a ceramic bowl from clay that had been tilled up in my vegetable garden and then eating from that ceramic bowl, veggies that had been grown in the very same garden soil….a potent moment for me filled with a sense of metaphysical completion.

Today, sculpting, for me, ultimately seems to be a meditation on my world. I live on an island in Passamaquoddy Bay where nature is very large. Mythic creatures,animals, people, mostly female, and the human hybrids that I sometimes create with found-objects, all become personas and voices for the relationships we humans have with nature and spirit

Often my sculptures are meditating figures with laps in which to place objects to honor and contemplate, or sometimes open hands to receive serendipitous gifts…I love this changing, living interaction…sometimes a wreath of branches or roots…or sculptures placed outside amongst the greenery.

The sculptures are ceramic with acrylic surfaces…I paint them as if I were painting on a canvas, using layers of acrylic glaze to bring them to "life". Sometimes I employ fabric or paper collage along with, at times, found objects…the juxtaposition of texture speaks to me.

My formal training began by studying sculpture with Jose DeCreeft at The Art Students League of New York in the 60's; after that I attended The Cooper Union School of Art & Architecture. Later I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

I am grateful for my ongoing, and unfolding adventure as I continue to pursue my work as an artist in coastal Maine..