About the Artist

Silk painter, Heléna Melone, is inspired in form by Japanese seasonal scrolls, and in content by her immediate Maine environments as they transform themselves through the seasons.    Accordingly, they depict those things which are evanescent and passing -- or least light of wing -- which, in relationship, inhabit these brief passages of time.  These pieces are unique and individual as they are drawn freehand and then painted.  Unmounted, they are intended to be responsive, interactive pieces, uniting that continuous flow of movement and interconnectedness between the world and the work

                The wall hangings (as well as the line of jackets & shrugs) are a celebration of the feminine principle: not only are they as soft and strong as water, but the process of making them requires several intermittent phases of washing and ironing!  In addition to those repetitions, the silks are sometimes dyed to give a ground tone, stretched on a home-made frame, drawn on, free-hand (without the use of stencils or tracing), and painted with silk paints.

                Having relished drawing with her brothers on rainy days as a child, Heléna earned a dual BA in Studio Art and English from UNH, and followed that up by several years of working in galleries in Portsmouth, NH in the 90‘s (and spent two inspirational years working at an Asian antique gallery).  But after earning an MA in British Literature, also from UNH, and spending a decade as an English teacher, she achieved an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (focusing on Dance as a Healing Art) from Lesley University, then focusing on dance.  Yet it was through dance that she gradually found her way back to visual arts.  First dyeing silk veils for belly dance, she eventually started painting on them, which led to wanting to focus more on the painting itself.  Finally, that focus brought her back to her old love -- drawing -- and into new realms with her artistic expression.  Her pieces can be found at art shows and galleries throughout Maine.