Morning Light
Yellow Apples
Water Lines

About the Artist

Leaving the corporate world after 35 years and moving to Cushing, Maine has allowed me to seriously concentrate on my photography which was previously always relegated to the edges of my life.  I have thousands images to harvest, many from summers in Maine; and I now have time both for new explorations with my camera, and for building some discipline and new skills in digital editing and printing.

The world around us is 360 degrees of totally immersive color, form, and motion; in a constant state of change.  My camera sees only little frozen rectangles of that visual cacophony.  But far from that being a liability, it enables me to really focus and seek out the “choice bits” of the world – fixed fragments which for me represent beauty, mystery, and/or wonder that could easily otherwise pass by unnoticed.  I’m fascinated by breaking the bonds of context, serendipitous design, color relationships, visual layers, and textural elements which can transcend the two dimensional nature of my images.  For me, photography is a powerful tool for my continuing discovery of beauty in apparently mundane and unremarkable fragments of the world.