Monhegan Rocks
Rome Fountain
Acadia from Great Cranberry 1
Acadia from Great Cranberry 2
Acadia from Great Cranberry 3
Acadia from Great Cranberry 4
Acadia from Great Cranberry 5
Lower Meadow #1
Lower Meadow #12
Rolling Acres #16
Rolling Acres #5
Schoodic Rocks 2
Tidal Pools 2
Winter Harbor Point
Acadia Landscape
Ancient Gathering Place
Buckle Orchard
Little Moose Island 2
Appleton Ridge
Moonrise Machias Bay
Orchard #1
Orchard #3
Orchard #4

About the Artist

If it is possible that the body and mind have the ability to alter qualities of the landscape in which one lives, does a landscape have the ability to alter the state of one’s body and mind?  It is the emotional impact and ability to 'alter' or 'shift' one's perspective that I seek to portray in my work, offering the viewer a deeper appreciation for the power of place. I focus on conveying the qualities inherent within a landscape that make the heart open, inviting the viewer to find an inner peace. I see one of the functions of my work as a contemplative icon—a place for the viewer to rest and restore through viewing the imagery—where the painting functions like a visual refreshment, or a focus for reflection. Often the works are started from sketches and color studies on site and finished in the studio.  Also, these landscape works are preserving views that are rapidly changing—often before our eyes. Views are fragile and can quickly be transformed with new development or ‘technological improvements.' In this respect, my work functions much like documentary photography—an unintentional consequence of the speed of life—and a personal statement of record.