Airs Above The Ground
Arctic Strands
Hibernating Home
Obstacles Exposed (Gray Owl)
Owl With Eggs
Under the Sea
Bohemian Waxwings
Seeds Standing

About the Artist

"Animals are a good vehicle through which we are able to objectively consider things without having to directly look at ourselves.

Our land is a good land. It is a rocky land and it is fruitful. Here we are in this place on the earth. Fog lifting, cows waiting, geese coming in for a landing and eggs to gather. We are here with responsibility and purpose. The details in the life of a farmer are varied and involve great struggles, hard questions, difficult decisions, and music. Smiles of appreciation and satisfaction are etching lines in the corners of eyes. Seeds need to be started, tended, thinned, weeded, nurtured. Do farmers ever get to take a nap? When parsnips are left to winter in the ground aren't they sweeter than honey?

More than anything I think art exists to help us imagine more deeply. Seeing well needs to be cultivated. The process of making art requires sacrifices. It is often a solo endeavor. A decision is made to choose artmaking as a way to give, to participate, to share. The ideas are like seeds that need care and attention to bring forth fruit. Artists till the land of the interior-the soil of the mind-the soil of the heart. Our souls hunger for the good fruit."