Breezy Day, Flye Point
Chinese Shawl
Evening Field
Harriman Point
Hillside Poplars
Mountain Field
Town Landing Tracks

About the Artist

"For me, painting is an analogy for life: a balance of risk and control; knowing when to push farther; knowing when to stop. I started painting several years ago to relieve the stress of my high-tech career, never dreaming it would change my life. My husband Dan Nygaard and I moved to Maine to organize our lives around making art (me) and growing cut flowers (him). Since then I have established my studio/gallery at our flower farm in Sedgwick, had numerous solo shows, and sent many, many paintings to new homes in corporate and private collections around the world. In summer, I paint the landscape of the Blue Hill Peninsula, interpreting special places in oils and watercolors. In winter, I construct still lifes (which I consider little indoor landscapes) out of whatever catches my eye at the market. Whether out-of-doors or in my studio. my concerns are the same: juxtaposing light and dark, invoking pattern and repetition, and layering sumptuous, harmonious color. "