A Perfect Day
Lilia Telling Kaili what to do
She Lights the Way
The Gardener
The Matriarch
Dreaming in February
Putting up the Hay
Picking Bueberries

About the Artist

My family and I live our lives on a sixty acre goat farm in rural Maine. I am an artist, wife, mother, grandmother and gardener. Being a painter is a part of my soul. The daily ritual of caring for and loving my family, land and animals is the essence of my art. My work springs from the beauty of these true life experiences. Seeing life as an amazing gift, I choose to focus on the positive aspects of the human spirit and enjoy painting about the happy things that spark our emotions and memories.

According to the dictionary art is defined as a decorative or illustrative element in a printed manner. It is the actual object; the sculpture, painting or drawing. However, I believe there is a distinction between what art is and what art does. What art does, its first and foremost purpose, is to stir the human soul. Therefore, I would argue that the definition of art is a creation from the soul of the artist. It is an artist's expression of her deeply felt emotions, without which, the paper remains lifeless. Art must speak to our heart in such a way as to appeal to our senses and consciousness. An artist should proceed from what is genuinely in her heart and paint about what she knows. For art is also defined as a skill acquired by experience.