About the Artist

My objective as an artist is to produce paintings that represent my most genuine and personal interpretations of human nature and the psychical landscape. I aim for my work to be an esthetic expression of feeling. It is my hope that the viewer will be drawn to the combination of colors, lines, brush strokes, composition, and concept, such that they connect with the figure on an emotional and personal level. I want my paintings to have an open narrative. I don’t want to tell the whole story, but rather imply that a scene is unfolding. My work could often be viewed as a representation of one significant “instant” or of a “culminating moment” that is occurring to each figure from their perspective. Even though I am painting in a realist style, my intention is for my work to have a dreamlike quality.
The concept of each painting is based on a vision that manifests in my imagination. These “visions” come to me after long periods of rumination in the mind. From there, I begin to take several photographs, have the figure pose and construct various sketches based on this vision until I am satisfied with the authenticity of the final sketch. It is important for me to stay as true to the vision as possible throughout the process up until the final brush stroke. I enjoy exploring the “edge” of truth and the imaginative vision with each painting. While embodying a strong sense of realism, painting in this visionary style provides subtle elements of surrealism, invoking wonder, stillness and, ultimately, the shared human connection.
It is important to me that the entire creative process be a kind of climactic experience. Before any paint is applied to the panel, there is a feeling of arising emotion--- a gradual build-up, beginning with the vision, the photographs, the sketches, various poses, the final sketch, even in the preparation of the wood panel for the paint… followed by the very liberating and emotional release of putting the brush to canvas. I strongly believe that working this way evokes in me a deep, emotional connection to the finished painting, which I hope, is conveyed to the viewer.