About the Artist

My work begins with a feeling — a connection to my everyday experience: evocative colors; unexpected patterns of light or the sublime quality of ordinary objects. From that feeling, I build a colorful and painterly world in response to it. To a large degree, I am student of aesthetics: the study of beauty. My paintings formally begin with drawings, plein air oil sketches or photographs that become the basis of larger studio work. Exploring different subjects through series work allows me to investigate various color palettes, compositions and paint handling within those parameters. Over the last few years, a subtle narrative has emerged in my work—one that tells a story about a slice in time, a portrait of a person, place or object.

In this milieu, inspiration and guidance has come from the masterworks of Edward Hopper, Fairfield Porter, Rockwell Kent and the Group of Seven. Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne and Howard Hodgkins have been generous teachers in terms paint handling, design and color aesthetics.