Bill's Trees
Blue House, Cranberry Cove
Cradled Skiffs #3
Daffs on Great Wass #2
Flowers Inside Fence, Crossroad Farm
From Helen's
From Jonesport Ave
Green Gear Shed, Inlet
Shed Window Beals
The Bay, Autumn, Barrens
Seal Cove, Creek Tide
George's Wharf with Red Boat, Beals

About the Artist

"I remember helping my father plant corn, green beans, and making hills for squash and cucumbers. I grew up in the country, and every summer we had a garden. Preparing the land and soil was hard work, but we loved picking our veggies before supper. Today, my husband and I create our own garden, and down the road we check with the local farmers for goodies we don't have. There is something to paint everywhere I look. The chives claim their spot next to the bird bath. The rugosa roses droop over the basil, and the sunflowers pop up in unexpected places. Ah, thats engaging, I'll try that. Close by the blueberry barrens change color with each season. I look for fields with boulders in their natural spot. Here, where I live in Jonesport, boats on the bay, fog coming and going, or the homestead that still stands, present challenges and touch me in ways that bring meaning from the "seeing" to putting the brush to the canvas."