Barn Tableau
Boat in the Barn
Door to the Kitchen
Heaven & Earth- Beech Hill & Dodge Mountain
Heaven & Earth- Beech Hill Snow Melt
Heaven & Earth-Beech Hill & Penobscot Bay
Her Garden Behind the Barn
Pre-Liminal I
Pre-Liminal II - Beech Hill
Pre-Liminal III - Beech Hill

About the Artist

Something happened to me in the fall of 2014. I started climbing up a certain hill, over and over again. I was following an instinct that it would be good for me – for my body and my spirit – to spend more time immersed in nature. On these walks I brought my camera and made photographs – just for myself. After years of making images for clients, I had started to feel like I no longer knew what kinds of pictures I would make if left to my own devices. Making the images became a type of walking meditation, allowing me to quiet my mind, - to stop thinking, to look, to respond. I make a lot of pictures on these walks that, while often simple, formal and spare, can easily be recognized and described as landscape photographs. At the same time, the myriad details of nature, changing with the seasons, combine into fields and planes of color, which sometimes project, recede, or flatten like fields of paint or brushstrokes on a canvas.