Briar Patch
Saltscape 1
Saltscape 2
Saltscape 3
Saltscape 4
Allegro Vivace #4
Allegro Vivace #1
Scherzo #1
Red Orb
Watered Silk

About the Artist

"We see the tip of the iceberg, but submerged beneath the surface of the visible world are mysteries we can only begin to understand." – Sarah Young Raised and educated in Tennessee, Terry Hire moved to mid-coast Maine in 1981. He opened Design Alternatives, an interior design company, in 1987. In addition to offering interior design services, he designs architectural plans for new homes along the coast, performs garden design and implementation, lectures on historic period garden styles and has been the two-term President of the Maine Interior Design Association. His passion for gardening and landscape design is matched by his passion for fine art photography. You may see Terry's work at, among other places, the Handworks Gallery in Blue Hill, Maine, and Kingman Gallery in Deer Isle, Maine, and he also is currently selling a line of botanical note cards at garden gift centers throughout the state of Maine. Terry is a member of the Maine Photo Alliance, a Mid-Coast Photo group that meets monthly for critique and sharing our work. Terry says about his work: "Using the camera to paint images from beyond our reach and aiming toward the reality beneath the surface texture, I work with the built environment to create abstraction. I reduce it, free the tangible to represent another dimension. References often emerge but they are subordinate to the aesthetic whole. It is a process of discovery, not of preconceptions. The forms and color—building blocks in my sculptural yet two-dimensional images—allows one to slide behind the obvious and to access the emotional landscape within."