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Explore Maine Farms Scavenger Hunt logo over a photo of green farmland with trees in the background, a grey sky and a red tractor driving from the right to the center.

Explore Maine’s abundant local farm landscape with us this summer in the second Explore Maine Farms Scavenger Hunt! Discover farms in your neck of the woods, or take a trip further afield in search of new-to-you farms, foods, and to learn about Maine’s food system. Whichever way you choose to do the Scavenger Hunt, it’s sure to make for a memorable and delicious summer for the whole family!

The Scavenger Hunt consists of over 30 tasks of varying difficulties, with additional tasks to be released throughout the summer by MFT and partners. Prizes will be available for several levels of completion, with a grand prize for participants that complete all available tasks. MFT will use an app to administer the scavenger hunt, making it easy for participants to play and share their submissions. We hope that this free summer activity will be a fun way to grow the number of people eating from and supporting Maine’s vibrant farm community.

Contact outreach@mainefarmlandtrust.org with questions about how to register or how to play.

More information about the Scavenger Hunt

When visiting farms for the Explore Maine Farms Scavenger Hunt, please follow these guidelines.

  • Call ahead and check local listings for hours, schedules and seasonal updates.
  • Help keep farms healthy — stay home if sick or not feeling well.
  • Follow farm rules. Stay in visitor areas. Keep pets at home.

How to Play

This year, MFT will be using a free app called Goosechase to make it easy to view the tasks, submit pictures and responses, and track how close you are to winning prizes. Please follow the instructions in your confirmation email (after signing up) to download the app and begin hunting!

Once you have joined the game, you’re ready to play! To complete a mission, select the mission in the app and follow the instructions to receive the points for that mission. Sometimes you’ll have to submit a photo, while other times you’ll have to find out a specific piece of information and enter it in. At the end of the Scavenger Hunt, we’ll total up the points and send out prizes!


There are multiple levels of prizes for this year’s Explore Maine Farms Scavenger Hunt, depending on how many tasks you’re able to complete.

10,000 Points or Above (Grand Prize)

MFT tote bag, MFT hat or t-shirt, sponsor merch, partner merch

7,500 – 9,999 Points (Level 2)

MFT tote bag or MFT hat, MFT bandana, MFT sticker pack or temporary tattoos

5,000 – 7,499 Points (Level 1)

MFT bandana, MFT sticker pack or temporary tattoos

600 – 4,999 Points (Kids)

MFT sticker pack, MFT temporary tattoos

Terms of Use

Click here to download the terms of use for the Scavenger Hunt.

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