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Read the full 2016 Maine Farms journal

We started this journal three years ago with the gutsy goal of capturing the heart of Maine’s farming and food movement.

We knew going in that this was a tall order. There is so much happening, so many stories to share.

At first glance, the stories in this journal may seem disparate. There’s an article about climate change next to a work of fiction, followed by a history of cider next to a photo essay about a young girl raised on the land. What do these stories have in common? Everything. From our perspective, a history lesson on cider connects directly with how climate change affects the future of farming; and a fictional story of going “back to the land” illuminates the relationship between people and the land that we see time and again in our work, even among children.

By shining light on small facets of the whole, we hope to cultivate a curious and informed community, one that sees the threads which tie our food system together. By striving to uncover the deeper stories, we are gathering up the pieces, knocking them against each other, and finding where they overlap.

While we might not fully understand the intricate pattern of issues that make up our food system, we are not afraid to face that complexity. To make change, we need to tackle the system; and to do that, we need to consider all the pieces—and all of the stories—that root this system to the earth.

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