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These market reports are compiled by MFT and MOFGA for the purpose of supporting farmer and buyer communication and creating clarity in a rapidly changing market. Observations are collected biweekly with crucial and insightful input from wholesale buyers and diversified farmers. Huge gratitude to those folks for taking the time. This information is solely for informational and observational purposes, and is likely most helpful for small, diversified farms selling to the local wholesale marketplace, such as stores that are committed to purchasing local foods. 

Any questions feel free to directly contact Alex at MFT ( or Nicolas at MOFGA (

Current report: September 4, 2020

Key Takeaways:

  • Demand at direct-to-consumer outlets seems to have taken a dip in the last couple weeks. Farmers report demand in wholesale markets staying steady, but wholesale buyers report more variation.
  • Farmers and Buyers are expecting strong consumer demand for fall crops as they come in. Consumers have expressed interest in squashes, kale, apples, etc.
  • Supply gaps in the next couple weeks anticipated as weather challenges over the season compound with the usual seasonal transition in fields and tunnels.
  • There is general uncertainty about the effects of schools reopening and the tourist season ending on consumer demand. Farmers are hedging their bets and solidifying their fall markets, and buyers seem to be waiting to see what happens.
  • Farmers and Buyers shared lots of nifty data, news, etc. so check out those responses if you’re interested.

View the full report HERE.

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