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Member Voices: “Why I support MFT”

We say it all the time: Our members make our work possible. MFT members are people who recognize the importance of protecting farmland and helping farmers thrive. They care about the resiliency of Maine’s rural economy, and the sustainability of our environment. They are farmers, future-farmers, business owners, eaters, conservationists, advocates, policymakers, artists, community-builders, foodies, and people who love Maine. They are people like YOU.

There are so many reasons to join MFT. Hear from a few of our members why they choose to be part of this work.

If you believe in this work, consider joining this community of members who actively support the future of farming in Maine and who are laying the foundation for a sustainable future.  We can’t do it without you. If you’re not yet a member, please consider joining us today.

Lily Piel || Photographer || Belfast, Maine
“It’s multi-layered, why I support Maine Farmland Trust – starting with a love of Earth, a love of gardening, respect for hard work out-of-doors, and a deep belief that I can change the world for the better starting with building a strong local food system. Maine Farmland Trust is a gift to our state – a force for good, a powerful force behind our thriving farmland. I feel lucky to be a part of it.”

Isaac MacDougal || Bread + Butter Catering Co. || Portland, Maine
“Maine Farmland Trust is a perfect example of what sets Maine apart, a celebration and fostering of the community spirit that lives so deeply inside those who build a life here.  It is perfect example of the intrepid spirit, deep sense of mutual respect and pride that this wonderful piece of earth commands of us.”
Jonathan Denton + Jacqui DeFranca || Sweetcream Dairy || Biddeford, Maine
“I grew up in Biddeford but would never have imagined that I would be standing here now, ready to open an ice cream shop. We are getting our milk and cream from Harris Farm and trying to source as much as we can from local farms and farmers.  It can be difficult and expensive to run a business sustainably and the shop is sort of a case study in sustainability. As farms are dwindling across the country and the dairy industry is struggling here in Maine, it feels good to find ways to support our community and local farmers.  We joined Maine Farmland Trust because we believe the work they do is vital to preserving the environment for us and for future generations.”
Anita King || Semi-retired Registered Nurse || Belfast, Maine
“I support MFT as a member and volunteer because, quite simply, it matters.  We are privileged to live in Maine where there are many small farms which offer a huge diversity of veggies, dairy, fruit, and meat products.  Our support to these farms and farmers help ensure their livelihood and our good health”.
Stacey + Marilyn Wentworth (pictured with grandchildren) || Neverdun Farm || Arundel, Maine

“We bought our 100 acres in Arundel in the 1970’s and raised our family on the land here.  Now, we have three-generations living here and working on this land.  I have seen this area, and Southern Maine in general, change a lot over the years.  When we moved here, there were 24 commercial farms, then at the lowest point, there were only 4.  All of the land I hayed for folks in the past has gone to subdivisions.  The best land here has been developed.” –  Stacey Wentworth


“Watching the demise of farmland, especially in Southern Maine and the prime, fertile land in the Saco River basin has been really hard.  As the New School principal, I see our graduates want to farm and yet are daunted with the prospect of finding land.  MFT’s work to not only preserve the land but also make it possible for young farmers to get on it is one of the main reasons we have supported MFT for all these years.” –  Marilyn Wentworth
Ben Birny || Consultant+ Lawyer || Portland, Maine
“My business supports Maine Farmland Trust because we need skilled, experienced people in our workforce to enjoy the quality of life that Maine has to offer.  One great thing Maine offers is a genuine connection to the natural world.  Being able to purchase food from local farms, visit and enjoy them, and contribute to keeping farm spaces available for future generations is a benefit that we can offer employees, contractors, partners, and customers.  Farms are part of what makes Maine a special place to live, and that provides a direct benefit to those of us who need great people to enjoy living here.”
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