Maine Fare

Maine Fare is a unique and delicious celebration of Maine’s bounty. Formerly a food festival that drew thousands of local food lovers to Belfast, we have re-imagined this popular event as a traveling series of hands-on field trips that explore our food system. This June, we’ll focus on food in Maine’s Western foothills region (more details soon!), culminating in a collaborative celebration at the end of the month.

When we pay close attention to where our food is grown, and how it reaches our table, we remember that food has a sense of place. The food we eat connects us all to the land, sea, and the people in our communities who work to put it on our plates. This year we’ll bring together farmers, fishermen, food producers, chefs, advocates, and eaters for a month of tasting and learning about Maine’s diverse and abundant food system, past and present.

Questions? Get in touch:  Meghan Quinn,