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Over the course of our 20th Anniversary year, we released six films featuring our program areas, our history, and our future. All films produced in partnership with Knack Factory for our 20th Anniversary.

Our Roots

Farm Viability at Ripley Farm

Farmland Protection at High View Farm

Celebrating Agriculture through Art

A Farm for the Future at Bo Lait Farm

Our Vision for the Future

Dostie Farm is a multi-generational dairy farm in Skowhegan and Fairfield, Maine. By working with Maine Farmland Trust to protect their farmland, the Dostie family is able to transition the farm from one generation to the next, and ensure that their land will be available for agriculture forever. Film by LOMA for MFT.

While “buying local” is on the rise, the stories in Growing Local make clear that small farms and access to locally produced food is not a sure thing. Learn more about the films here.

From the potato harvest in Aroostook County, to the innovations of a seventh-generation farmer Downeast, to the struggles of a dairy farmer in Central Maine, the short films in Meet Your Farmer (2010) remind viewers that farming is more than just a historical feature of Maine; farming in Maine is alive and well. Learn more about the film here.

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