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Tracey Cockrell

Tracey Cockrell recorded sounds on nearby farms and pressed papyrus from vegetables harvested from Laurie’s garden, all of which will become sculptural sound installations. Learn more about Tracey on her website:

“Fiore Magic–that’s what we began to call the intermittent kismet of the residency. Time spent talking, cooking, and imagining with my fellow residents led me to deeply rewarding breakthroughs, opening up an unforeseen pathway for my future studio work. My thinking and making aligned in powerful ways as I was able to connect to the vegetable garden, get to know the abundant habitat of Damariscotta Lake, meet farmers to explore the surrounding farmlands and farm stands, and experiment with new materials. For me, this residency also acted a rare and intimate lens to the artworks of Joseph Fiore and the authenticity he inspired. Through these experiences, I came to know the Fiore Art Center as an enchanted place.”

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