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  • Bennett closing

    Family Farm Protected for New Generations

    Photo: Back: Jason Wade, Erin Wade, Judy Bennett, Steve Bennett. Front: Julia Wade and Brendan Wade There are lots of reasons to protect farmland: to prevent encroaching development, to help make land more affordable for new farmers, or to ensure that Maine has enough farmland for future food production. But there are often other, more

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  • frances hynes

    MFT Gallery show spins Cow Tales from facts and fine art

    It takes a brave artist to paint cows in Maine. It takes a brave farmer to milk them. The first statement has to do with how cow paintings may be perceived in the greater world of art. Plenty of artists attempt to paint cows – few escape the judgment of being cliché. To paint a

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  • Village Soup

    Farmers encouraged to apply for federal conservation project funding

    By Jordan Bailey | Aug 09, 2014 A national program that funds conservation projects on farms in Waldo County is evolving to include more small farms and support projects that focus on soil health and food security. The Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) is the biggest program of the USDA’s National Resources Conservation Service, spending

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  • 317071_869003-20140729-weston-ho9

    Madison 200-year-old home, land to be preserved

    The 1790 Weston Homestead, for sale after continuous ownership by one family, is also the focus of a conservation effort. By Rachel Ohm at Central Maine News Photo by Michael Seamans at Central Maine News MADISON — The Weston family has owned their home on the banks of the Kennebec River since 1790, and moving

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  • DSCN0159

    A Week of Celebration

    Happy National Farmers Market week! It is the height of the growing season, and Maine markets are bursting with beans, tomatoes, summer squashes, new potatoes, basil, blueberries, cucumbers, and SO much more. This is a great opportunity to celebrate and support your local producers by attending a market near you (though in our minds, every

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  • 954741_385132954961287_560700348659960538_n

    Maine FarmLink event; like speed dating?

    One of the organizations we love partnering with is Land For Good, which works to increase farmland access throughout New England. We recently sponsored a FarmLink event that included a panel with Jo Barrett, the Maine Field Agent for Land For Good. Here is a snippet of their piece, written by Lisa Luciani, about the event! Land seekers and

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Maine FarmLink is a farm transfer program that connects prospective farmers seeking farmland with retiring farmers and other farmland owners who wish to see their agricultural lands remain active. FarmLink is a program of MFT.

Visit the new site: www.mainefarmlink.org

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