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    The Faces of Farms: Guard Donkeys

    Throughout 2015, photographer Catherine Frost will be traveling to Maine farms all across the state, visiting those with their own special livestock. From alpaca to water buffalo to turkeys and rare breeds of horses, each month will feature new faces. The best will be featured in a show at the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in

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    The Business of Farming for Wholesale

    When: November 14-15, 2015 Where: The Black Bear Inn, Orono, ME About the workshop This workshop is for experienced farmers who want to start or expand their wholesale markets. Drawing on a panel of business and farming experts from around the state, as well as other growers who are willing to share their experiences, we’ll

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    HARVEST July 2015

    HARVEST July 2015 HARVEST: Farm and Food News From Maine and Beyond Check back each month for a selection of articles, stories, and trends you might have missed. Humans may have begun farming way earlier than we thought—10,000 years earlier. Maine celebrated Open Farm Day last weekend, to showcase our agricultural history, present, and future.

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    Maine Sail Freight Announces Maiden Voyage

    From Maine Sail Freight  In August 2015, Maine Sail Freight will sail 11 tons of Maine-grown cargo from Maine down to Boston aboard the beloved 131-foot traditional wooden schooner, Harvey Gamage. They will load cargo (and  eat oysters) on August 23rd at Waterman’s Community Center at North Haven’s Fox Islands thoroughfare. The majority of cargo, 10 more

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    Free and Open to All: Farm Party at Dooryard Farm on August 13

    Maine Farmland Trust invites you to a farm party at Dooryard Farm in Camden on August 13th from 5-8pm, to celebrate the future of farming with good food and music. Harvest Moon Pizza will be serving up pizza made with ingredients from Dooryard and other local farms, and local beverages will be provided. Guests are

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    Farmland Access Conference

    Farmland Access Conference 2015 October 19, 2015 at Pineland Farms Join us for a day-long conference on the challenges that farmers face in gaining access to farmland, as well as the tools and resources (both existing and imagined) to help improve access. In-depth work sessions for: • Retiring farmers interested in transferring land to next

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Maine FarmLink is a farm transfer program that connects prospective farmers seeking farmland with retiring farmers and other farmland owners who wish to see their agricultural lands remain active. FarmLink is a program of MFT.

Visit the new site: www.mainefarmlink.org

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