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Protecting Maine’s finite farmland from development and creating more affordable access to land for all farmers is key to ensuring that Maine has farmland and farmers to grow food for our region now and in the future.

A farmer walks through a harvested hay field, overlooking a sweeping fall landscape.

It starts with the land

Farmland is the foundation for thriving farm businesses, communities, and rural economies, and is necessary to ensure that more Mainers can access fresh local food. As the Maine landscape and needs of farmers change, we are actively developing more tools to help more farmers get on the land they need.

Protect Farmland

Protecting Maine farmland with agricultural easements is the best tool we have to ensure that farmland will continue to be available for farming in the future, and can also create more affordable access to farmland.

Cows grazing in a field.
Farmers in a field of crops

Sell Farmland

Do you know of a farm for sale?

Through our Buy Protect Sell program we purchase farms that are at risk of being developed and falling out of agriculture or are unaffordable to farmers. Our Maine FarmLink program helps connect farmland owners with potential buyers and lessees.

Access Farmland

Are you ready for a farm of your own? Or, do you need more land to expand your farm operation? Find farmland through our Maine FarmLink program.

Farmers trimming crops for harvest
Budding apple trees lining a curving dirt road.

Steward Your Protected Farm

By working with you to protect your farm with an easement, we are committed to your farm and farmland for the long haul. If you have purchased farmland that is already protected with an MFT easement, our Farmland Stewards can help you interpret the terms of the easement and steward your farm for the next chapter.


Our goal is not just to protect farmland, but to help farmers get on the land and thrive.
We’re here to answer your questions and connect you to resources.

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Adam Bishop, Farmland Protection Program Director

Adam Bishop

Vice President of Programs

Adam Bishop

Vice President of Programs

Adam Bishop, Farmland Protection Program Director

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