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Maine Farmland Trust protects farmland, supports farmers, and advances the future of farming. Our goal is to keep agricultural lands working and help farmers and their communities thrive.

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We all depend on farms, and farms depend on all of us.

Thriving local farms feed our communities, strengthen our local economy, and contribute to our environment. Our investment in Maine’s farms and advocacy for policies and programs that support local farms give our abundant farm and food system a fighting chance.

The farms we all depend on are facing many challenges: development pressure, climate change, rising costs of production, industry consolidation, and fragile supply chains. Maine has all of the ingredients we need for a thriving food and farm economy – quality soil, water, proximity to markets, enthusiasm for local food, and a rich agricultural history. When more farmers are able to access the land and the robust network of support they need to grow thriving and diverse businesses, we can make this future possible.


Maine farmland is the foundation for thriving farm businesses, communities, and rural economies, and is necessary to ensure that more people can access local food. Protecting Maine’s farmland from development and creating more affordable access to farmland for all farmers is key to ensuring that Maine has the land and farmers to grow food for our region now and in the future. As the Maine farming landscape and needs of farmers change, we are actively developing more tools to help more farmers get on the land.

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Farmers hauling squash


Thriving farms feed our communities and economy, but farming is a complex business and farmers can’t go it alone. MFT’s Farm Network delivers services to our network of over 500 farms that have participated in MFT's programming. We listen to farmer needs and offer responsive resources and tools to help them advance their financial and business goals as they grow thriving farm businesses, adapt to a changing environment, and plan for their farm’s future.


Farming is fundamental to the health of our communities, our food security, and our economy now and into the future. For farms to thrive, we need to create a social, economic, and political landscape that values farming. Through grassroots organizing and advocacy, policy change, research, storytelling, and your commitment to local farms, we are helping create an environment that will support thriving, interconnected Maine farms.

Farmers caring for the cows

You can help grow the future of farming.

When we come together to support local farms, we all reap the benefits of a vibrant local food and farm economy. For farms to flourish, we need an informed and dedicated community of people who are passionate about farms.
That’s you! Join us.

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