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Building Farm-Friendly Communities

Cultivating Maine's Agricultural FutureBuilding Farm-Friendly Communities

After years of decline, farming in Maine is on the rise. But farmers still face challenges, and communities can help farmers address them. A handy guide recently released by Maine Farmland Trust and American Farmland Trust provides specific examples and suggestions of what local officials and residents can do to support farming in their communities. This guide, Cultivating Maine’s Agricultural Future, describes some of what’s been done in Maine communities to support local farms, including examples from Unity, Turner, Cape Elizabeth, Monmouth, and Bowdoinham. Beyond this, the guide provides a set of tools from which a town can chose those best suited to its circumstances and situation.

Our goal with this website is to give you quick access to some of the topics that may be of particular interest to you. The information is based upon information in the guidebook as well as experience and materials collected as part of Maine Farmland Trust’s Municipal Outreach Program.

First Steps

  • Know Your Farmers
  • Engage Your Farmers

Local Planning

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Open Space or Working Lands Planning

Local Policies and Ordinances

  • Tax Policies and Programs
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Farm Business-friendly Ordinances
  • Conserving Important Farmland Soils
  • Right to Farm Provisions and General Policy StatementsFarm-friendly-test-thumbnail

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