Action Alert: Protect Farms and Farmland from PFAS

Action Alert: Protect Farms and Farmland from PFAS

February 22, 2022


Ellen Sabina

Protecting Farms and Farmland from PFAS

Farmland is foundational to a healthy local food system. PFAS, so-called forever chemicals, are persistent in the environment, and the application of contaminated sludge or residuals decades ago by farmers who were unaware of the presence and health risks of PFAS can still impact PFAS levels in the soil today. We must protect Maine farm businesses and farmland from contamination.

The Maine Legislature’s Environment and Natural Resources Committee voted 10-3 to support an amendment to LD 1911 (view the bill) that would ban the land application of sludge and compost derived from sludge, and prohibit the sale of compost derived from sludge in Maine. This is an incredibly important development for protecting farms and farmland from PFAS contamination! We are so grateful to all of our members and supporters who responded to our action alert and either testified at the hearing or contacted legislators to express their support for the legislation.


Now we must make sure that the full Legislature votes in favor of this ban on the land application of PFAS-contaminated sludge and compost. Contact your legislator and tell them to support LD 1911.

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