Introducing...Maine Farms

Introducing...Maine Farms

July 10, 2014


Ellen Sabina

Like the best farmers, Maine Farmland Trust is always experimenting, searching for new ways to spread our enthusiasm and hope for farming. We are very pleased to share our latest effort, Maine Farms, a farm-driven annual journal for our members. Through Maine Farms, we aim to convey some of what's happening here, both on the farm and off. Maine is a national leader in the "local foods" movement that is revitalizing farms and communities. Today, farming in Maine is growing and is poised for further growth. It's a time of experimentation, change, and promise.

Here's just a snippet what you'll find inside:

  • Melissa Coleman examines burgeoning new markets that are transforming the local food chain
  • Sharon Kitchens gets a taste of how local ingredients and home cooking lead to a James Beard Award nomination for a Camden chef from Thailand
  • Chelsea Holden Baker looks at the intersection of art and agriculture, and the story of how one family found a farm, and a home, in Maine
  • John Piotti shares a vision for the future of Maine farming

All of our current members will receive this inaugural journal in the mail. Our hope is that the stories within will inspire you, and perhaps broaden your image of the farm and food landscape in Maine. Maine Farms stems from our deeply rooted belief that farming is fundamental to our future -- and thus warrants celebration, exploration, and a committed crowd of enthusiastic supporters who can push that future forward.

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