Purchasing Protected Land

Purchasing Protected Land

December 1, 2020


Rachel Keidan

Maine is an incredible place to live, so it’s no surprise that in the midst of a pandemic, folks are looking in our direction for affordable land and a safe place to find shelter and community. We’ve heard from farmers all across that state that land is selling quickly. Some of these properties may be farmland, and a few happen to be protected by conservation easements held by MFT.

When a property protected by a conservation easement is listed for sale, we want to be sure that the next landowner is aware of the easement restrictions and has an opportunity to ask questions before buying the property. As stewardship staff, this means that we remind the sellers that we are available to speak to any potential buyers and we also reach out to listing agents to ensure that they are aware of the conservation easement and know they can refer buyers to us for questions.

It can potentially save lot of money and frustration if stewards are able to speak with potential buyers before the sale takes place. This allows the buyer to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and confirm if their plans are in keeping with the easement restrictions before committing to the purchase.

If you are looking to purchase land protected by a conservation easement, we encourage you to reach out to the steward for that specific property. This person will be familiar with the easement restrictions and will be knowledgeable about the condition and history of the property for sale. MFT’s website shows the territories for each of our stewards and provides contact information. Whether a conservation easement is held by MFT or another local land trust, stewards can help landowners—both current and future—navigate the sometimes complicated language of conservation easements. Give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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