BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//MAINE FARMLAND TRUST - ECPv4.9.6//NONSGML v1.0//EN CALSCALE:GREGORIAN METHOD:PUBLISH X-WR-CALNAME:MAINE FARMLAND TRUST X-ORIGINAL-URL: X-WR-CALDESC:Events for MAINE FARMLAND TRUST BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:"America/New_York" BEGIN:DAYLIGHT TZOFFSETFROM:-0500 TZOFFSETTO:-0400 TZNAME:EDT DTSTART:20160313T070000 END:DAYLIGHT BEGIN:STANDARD TZOFFSETFROM:-0400 TZOFFSETTO:-0500 TZNAME:EST DTSTART:20161106T060000 END:STANDARD END:VTIMEZONE BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20160901 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20161001 DTSTAMP:20190826T070446 CREATED:20160901T170515Z LAST-MODIFIED:20160906T192320Z SUMMARY:Store-Up September Doubles Maine Harvest Bucks DESCRIPTION:[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Maine Farmland Trust is helping low-income shoppers stretch their winter food budgets with an extra bonus this month through their Maine Harvest Bucks program. The nonprofit is encouraging shoppers to stock up on local produce from select local food stores around the state during the bountiful season. \nMaine Harvest Bucks is an incentive program that provides monetary bonuses for low-income shoppers to buy more local fruits and vegetables. During Store-Up September\, shoppers buying food with SNAP/EBT (previously known as food stamps) can double their dollars at select retail stores: for every $10 spent on local foods\, they’ll receive another $10 to spend on local fruits and vegetables. This program supports local farmers\, increases access to healthy food for low-income shoppers\, and builds community connections. \nSeptember is one of Maine’s best months for fresh produce\, with plenty of tomatoes\, melons\, peppers\, basil\, cucumbers\, and more. Many of these products are great for canning\, pickling\, or freezing. Maine Farmland Trust is hoping shoppers will take advantage of the season’s bounty and store up on goods to eat local and stretch food budgets all year long. \nMaine Harvest Bucks incentives are also available at farmers’ markets\, food hubs\, CSAs\, and farm stands around the state. For a full list of participating markets (including a map to find them near you)\, visit \nStores participating in Store-Up September include: the Belfast Co-op\, Blue Hill Co-op\, Good Tern Co-op\, Machias Marketplace\, Morris Farm Store\, Portland Food Co-op\, Rising Tide Community Market\, and The Farm Stand. \nContact Shannon Grimes for more information\, or 207-338-6575.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]\n URL: CATEGORIES:Local Food Access ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR