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Maine Farmland Trust is thrilled to share that over the next few months, Good Shepherd Food Bank will transition into leading the Farm Fresh Rewards program moving forward. As MFT looks to focus on our farmer-facing work in the next few years, we are very excited to see how Good Shepherd will expand and build upon the Farm Fresh Rewards program! For more information, please visit farmfreshrewards.org or contact Good Shepherd at farmfreshrewards@gsfb.org


Tips for using the program: 

  • Buy more, get more: Get a $5 voucher for every $10 you spend on local food
  • Look for labels identifying local products
  • Vouchers are good for fresh, frozen, and dried Maine-grown fruits and vegetables with no added sugars, salt, or fats. Local food-producing seeds and plants count too!
  • Use your vouchers to preserve the harvest! Check with your local participating store about opportunities to spend the vouchers on bulk local produce orders.
  • Earn and spend vouchers in $10 increments, so look for small local items (like garlic) to help you round up!
  • Spend vouchers in $5 increments (you are not able to partially redeem a voucher).
  • Vouchers can be spent on your next purchase or saved up for when benefits run low
  • Note the expiration date on your vouchers
  • Spend vouchers at any participating store

    Visit farmfreshrewards.org for more information, including Frequently Asked Questions.

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This is similar to another program in Maine, Maine Harvest Bucks, which provides extra money to buy local fruits and vegetables at participating farmers’ markets, CSAs, farm stands, and a mobile market. Maine Harvest Bucks is managed by our friends at Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets.


Cooking classes, recipes, tips, and more:


“This program is on many levels a life-saver, in that I get to eat…good quality food, I get to support my local farmers and vendors, and in my mind all of that is a win-win. Overall the mental and physical health benefits and the opportunity to get more food is huge for me. It’s a big deal.” –Customer

“We really love that our local food co-op offers nutrition incentives. It is a win for our farm and fellow farmers in that more people are encouraged to buy local products and great for our community that folks can utilize these programs to support our local co-ops and small businesses, and fantastic that families get to see their benefits stretched further and are able to enjoy fresh local fruits and veggies grown in their communities.” –Farmer

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