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FarmCalc Privacy Policy
Adopted 06/02/2020


FarmCalc is an integrated enterprise database created for farmers and their advisors. FarmCalc is operated on a platform maintained by Maine Farmland Trust (MFT).

FarmCalc digitally stores the information about your farm and your products so that you can understand your costs of farming, how to price your products, and how to plan for production. You can also make comparisons across your enterprises, create financial reports, and come back to your account later.

MFT will access your personally identifiable information only if you want help with FarmCalc and ask us to access your account in order to provide that help.

From time to time, MFT will collect and analyze certain data from FarmCalc, in order to get a picture of the true costs of farming across Maine, information we will share with farmers. This will be done by aggregating anonymous information only.

If you have questions or want more information about privacy or about collection and use of FarmCalc data, please contact us at 207-338-6575.

If you wish to have your information excluded from data collection and analysis, you can opt-out in your FarmCalc Account Settings.

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