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In the next decade, we expect that as much as 400,000 acres of Maine farmland will change hands.


What will happen to this land? There is no assurance that this farmland will stay in production, continuing to feed us in the future. In fact, without active and creative support, many farmland owners may feel they have few options but to sell their land to non-farmers, even developers.  And even though a lot of beginning farmers want to farm in Maine, they often need extra help to guide them through the challenging process of securing land.

Farmland transitions can be complicated for both existing landowners and incoming farmers. Successful transitions often require careful and respectful navigation of multiple personalities and goals, and often warrant in-depth financial planning and close consideration of many factors. Beyond this, an increasing number of farmers consider protecting land as part of a transition. We are here to help you explore all options.

If you are a farmer looking for land, Maine FarmLink can help you find properties for sale or lease. We may even be able to provide funds to help you buy land, through our Purchased Easement Program. We also provide other services, such as Farmland Access Loans.

If you are a farmland owner who wants to sell or lease your land, you may want to post your property on Maine FarmLink. If you would like to know more about how an agricultural easement might make your land more affordable to an incoming farmer, while ensuring that your farmland will stay farmland, contact us about our Purchased Easement Program.

Maine FarmLink

Maine FarmLink

Are you looking to buy, sell, or lease a farm? Maine FarmLink is a free online linking service that helps connect people who are seeking farmland, “Seekers”, with farmland owners who are looking to sell, lease, or explore non-traditional tenure arrangements.  Visit Maine FarmLink.

Land Contract Guarantee

Land Contract Program

A land contract is a form of owner-financing that allows the buyer to make installment payments towards the purchase of the property. Maine Farmland Trust can act as an Escrow Agent for Farm Service Agency’s Land Contract Guarantee Program. Learn More.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us if you are….

A farmland owner willing to sell or lease your land to a farmer

A farmer seeking to buy or lease land

A farmer seeking help financing a land purchase

Let's grow a bright future for farming in Maine, together.

Even if you are neither a farmland owner nor farmland seeker, you can help get more farmers on the land and keep more land in farming by supporting our Farmland Access work with regular gifts.


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