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We are dedicated to helping beginning farmers create and sustain new farms.

Any farmer with limited experience operating a farm can contact us to receive assistance.


We consult with beginning farmers about their land search at no cost. We help identify challenges, as well as opportunities for training and research. We can also connect you to other helpful resources. You can prepare for a productive consultation with this Land Search Info Form.

Need help financing your land purchase? You may  want to consider if MFT’s farmland protection services might be applicable to your situation, helping you buy a protected farm that would be more affordable.

Unprotected farmland is often too expensive for farmers. We increasingly help beginning farmers afford to buy a farm by protecting it with an easement.

MFT lists properties available for lease in Maine FarmLink.

We can provide you with a referral to an external technical assistance provider who can assist you with farm business planning.

Contact: Catherine Durkin, Farming for Wholesale Project Associate

A key for any beginning farmer is to find markets. Many beginning farmers rely primarily on direct sales via farm stands, farmers markets, and CSAs, while an increasing number are exploring ways to also sell some products wholesale. MFT is working hard on helping farmers enter emerging wholesale markets. To this end, we provide a series of training workshops and ongoing technical assistance

CONTACT: Alex Fouliard, Farming for Wholesale Project Manager

You can connect with other beginning farmers and local food enthusiasts through various events. Check out what’s happening!

As a leading member of the Beginning Farmer Resource Network of Maine, MFT can also help you connect to other organizations and programs, if your needs fall outside the scope of our services.


Maine Farmer Resource Network

The Maine Farmer Resource Network is a coalition of Maine agriculture agencies and organizations working together to connect aspiring and beginning farmers to resources for farm business success. Learn more HERE.

Frith Farm

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Land Search

Searching for your dream farm? Check out our top ten tips to help you make your land search a successful one!

Contact Us

Contact Us

To set up a consultation about your land search, get in touch with Sue Lanpher.

Let's grow a bright future for farming in Maine, together.

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