Getting on the Land: Land Search Information

Maine Farmland Trust, along with other partners such as Land For Good and MOFGA, aspire to enable more beginning farmers to establish secure farmland tenure. This intake form is intended to aid MFT in collecting pertinent information about your needs and interests, as well as the status of your land search. It will also help both you and us identify areas where additional research would be helpful. Your candid and honest answers are appreciated.

  • General Information

  • Farm Goals

  • Describe your farm “dream” - what will you produce, who will work there, markets, other products, year round, etc.
  • Where will it be located? how many acres? Will it be owned or leased or a combination?
  • e.g. parking for farm stand, water for irrigation, milking parlor
  • Baseline

  • How you’re your current situation fit with your goals? How long have you been there and how long do you envision staying?
  • Tools and Resources

  • If so, in what capacity and who might they be.
  • Additional Information