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Buy/Protect/Sell (BPS) is a tool to ensure that farmland is protected, even when landowners don’t have the time and ability to work through the easement process.


In specific instances, when a farm property that is for sale is particularly vulnerable, we may purchase that farm, protect it with an easement, and resell it – in whole or in parts – to an incoming farmer or farmers. BPS projects are intended to help farmers get on land they could not otherwise afford, and to protect land that would likely have otherwise been developed, or gone out of agricultural production.

We list BPS properties that are available to buy through Maine FarmLink and Maine Farms Realty.

Do you know of a vulnerable farm that you would like MFT to buy and protect so that you can ultimately buy it from us? Sometimes farmers bring info to us about a farm they can’t afford at development value, and we explore options to make it more affordable with an easement placed on it.

Conversely, you may be looking to sell farmland to MFT, for us to protect and re-sell.  Because of the high expense, MFT only does a few BPS projects a year, and we prioritize farms where the landowner is willing to give us a good deal, knowing that we will be protecting the land as farmland forever. But if you feel you have a worthy project, don’t hesitate to contact us to explore what may be possible.


Special Opportunity for Investors

It takes capital to make BPS projects possible, which MFT covers through a combination of our own funds, financing from banks, and financing from private investors. More and more private investors are supporting the BPS program with loans of $50,000 (or more) for a period of 2 years (or more) paying a modest interest rate. Any person wishing to explore such an investment can contact us at info@mainefarmlandtrust.org.

Need help getting onto your dream farm?

Our Farmland Access programs, including FarmLink and Beginning Farmer Services help farmers find land and secure stable tenure, or help farmland owners transition their land in ways that keep it available for agriculture.


Let's grow a bright future for farming in Maine, together.

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