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HARVEST: a monthly digest of articles, podcasts, and more

Our food system is more visible than ever right now, and over the month so many articles and conversations have cropped up to report how the pandemic is impacting farms and food, as well as shine a light on parts of the food system that needed attention well before COVID-19 hit. As many of us are now keenly aware of our current system’s vulnerabilities, more people are getting a taste of what’s possible for our food system and how we can work together to grow a brighter future.

Here’s some of what we’ve been reading and listening to over the last couple weeks:


Already in an unpredictable business, farmers face more uncertainties than ever.  Portland Press Herald

As COVID-19 reveals our food system’s flaws, Congress can boost protection now and resilience for the future. Union of Concerned Scientists

Keeping America Fed: six workers on life in the thick of the coronavirus crisis. The Guardian

Maine farmers are showing their resilience and leaning in to the COVID-19 crisis. Buzzfeed News


How to invest in young farmers as national resource. FoodTank

The great potato giveaway: the food industry is kind of the victim of its own success. NPR Planet Money’s The Indicator

What happens when everyone stays home to eat? Freakanomics

Food and Farmworkers. NPR Planet Money

6 Farmers from across the country talk Covid-19. Talk Farm to Me

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