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HARVEST, February 2015

HARVEST: Farm and Food News From Maine and Beyond
February 2015

Our second installment of a new monthly harvest of farm and food news. Check back each month for a selection of articles, stories, and trends you might have missed.

We now have new recommendations for U.S. dietary guidelines. In short: eat more vegetables, less red meat, and less sugar.

Can you make a living from small-scale farming? One California farmer casts a shadow on what she sees as an over-romanticized life. An Oregon writer also voices her concern for the fledgling farm-to-table movement. And indeed, farming as a profession is in decline nationally.

On the other hand, peak farmer’s market sales might mean that the local food movement is maturing. And some Maine farmers seem to have found an ideal arrangement for their farm.

Maine’s food pantries are increasingly making use of the state’s farmers to supply healthy, fresh product to those in need.

Mainstream channels like Hannaford are also supplying food from local farms.

Aroostook’s Northern Girl is filling an important niche in our local food infrastructure.

Like many of us, Maine farmers are hard at work dealing with all the snow.

The Maine legislature aims to keep farmers online, which is increasingly necessary to run a viable business.

The National Young Farmer’s Coalition created some sweet new videos with their Bootstrap project, featuring women dairy farmers: the hip new face of farming.

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