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Action Alert: Support LD 691, An Act to Support Farms and Address Food Insecurity

LD 691 Supports Farms and Addresses Food Insecurity

Representative Bill Pluecker’s bill, LD 691 – An Act to Support Farms and Address Food Insecurity, would establish a fund within the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry to provide low-income shoppers with financial incentives to purchase additional Maine-grown fruit and vegetables. Nutrition incentive programs like Farm Fresh Rewards and Maine Harvest Bucks are a win for low-income community members, farmers, and Maine’s local food economy. LD 691 would provide an important source of state funding to allow these programs to leverage more federal dollars, meet increasing demand, and continue to grow and expand into more parts of the state, especially in rural areas.


The Maine Legislature’s Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (ACF) Committee will be voting on LD 691 on Tuesday, May 25th. Please call or email the members of the ACF Committee to express your support. The members of the ACF Committee include:
Sen. James F. Dill, Chair (D-Penobscot): James.Dill@legislature.maine.gov
Sen. Chloe S. Maxmin (D-Lincoln): Chloe.Maxmin@legislature.maine.gov
Sen. Russell Black (R-Franklin): Russell.Black@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. Margaret M. O’Neil, Chair (D-Saco): Margaret.ONeil@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. David Harold McCrea (D-Fort Fairfield): David.McCrea@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. Scott Landry, Jr. (D-Farmington): Scott.Landry@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. Laurie Osher (D-Orono): Laurie.Osher@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. Randall C. Hall (R-Wilton): Randall.Hall@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. Thomas H. Skolfield (R-Weld): Thomas.Skolfield@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. Susan Bernard (R-Caribou): Susan.Bernard@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. Jeffrey Gifford (R-Lincoln): Jeffery.Gifford@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. Joseph Underwood (R-Presque Isle): Joseph.Underwood@legislature.maine.gov
Rep. William D. Pluecker (I-Warren): William.Pluecker@legislature.maine.gov

Questions? Reach out to Ellen Stern Griswold, egriswold@mainefarmlandtrust.org, Policy & Research Director

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