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Maine Farmland Trust and Lee Auto Malls Partner to Promote Farming

Maine Farmland Trust is partnering with Lee Auto Malls to raise awareness about farming in Maine and bring attention to some of the challenges currently facing farmers.

“A strong farming infrastructure provides Maine with a secure food source and a vital economic engine. But as farmland has been turned over to development, the high cost of farmland has become a huge barrier for young farmers,” says Lee Auto Malls’ website.

Daniel Mays of Frith Farm in Scarborough and Lee Auto Malls Chairman Adam Lee talk about the important work Maine Farmland Trust is doing to support farmers in Maine in these videos by Maine Farmland Trust, Lee Auto Malls and WCSH6.

Catch these clips online and in your WSCH6 station! Thanks to Lee Auto Malls and WCSH6 for their support of this project.

For the full scoop on our partnership and more information, click here.

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