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Maine FarmLink event; like speed dating?

One of the organizations we love partnering with is Land For Good, which works to increase farmland access throughout New England. We recently sponsored a FarmLink event that included a panel with Jo Barrett, the Maine Field Agent for Land For Good. Here is a snippet of their piece, written by Lisa Luciani, about the event!

Land seekers and landowners first shared their challenges associated searching for farmland or a farmer. The ‘speed dating’ portion of the event allowed land seekers to connect directly with landowners, share information about their farm, vision and goals, and trade contact information. This mixer enabled farmers and landowners to meet and begin a dialogue that could lead to a future match.

A top problem for beginning farmers especially is access to farmland. And while non-farming landowners already make up 90% of the 20,000 landowners that lease farmland in New England, there are more private and public landowners who want to support farming and food security by making land available. Non-farming owners of farmland need support to be successful farm landlords. 

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