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Maine Sail Freight Project Planning Dinner at Tranquility Grange

Last October, the Vermont Sail Freight Project delivered $50,000 of regionally produced foods to customers waiting at the docks along a 300 mile route from Ferrisburgh, Vermont to Brooklyn, New York. On Sunday, June 22, at 5:00 pm Penobscot Marine Museum, Greenhorns, MOFGA and Maine Farmland Trust are hosting a potluck dinner at Tranquility Grange Hall in Lincolnville to explore the possibilities for a Sail Freight Project along the coast of Maine. Maine, with its rich maritime history, strong boat building industry, conservation movement, and explosion of local, organic food production is a perfect place for the next sail freight project. Email Kathy Goldner at the museum, or call 207-567-3680 ext. 216 to reserve your seat. Bring a pot luck dish to share.

The event will begin with a panel presentation by Cate Cronin former Captain of the Hudson River Sloop, Cipperly Good curator at Penobscot Marine Museum, Lu Yodder boat builder and sailor for Mast Brothers Chocolate Sail Project, Patrick Kiley, Tianna Kennedy, and Severine Fleming of Greenhorns and the Vermont Sail Project, Elisha Kaufman of Mystic Sheaf Traders, and Lance Lee of The Apprenticeshop in Rockport. The panel presentation will be followed by the pot luck dinner and a community conversation about ideas, proposals, vessel suggestions, and routes for a Maine Sail Freight Project.

The revival of interest in the working sail worldwide is a natural outgrowth of the movement to reduce pollution and dependence on fossil fuels, and to eat locally grown food and support local farmers. The New Dawn Traders are sailing freight from England around the world, Sailing Ship KWAI provides shipping options for the islands in the South Pacific, the Vermont Sail Project is gearing up to make another voyage to from Vermont to New York, and Salish Sea Trading Cooperative is working on delivering freight by sail in Puget Sound. Our thanks to sponsor Marshall Wharf Brewery in Belfast. For more information or to volunteer contact

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