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The Milkhouse

Securing a Future for Farming: Meet Andy and Caitlin of The Milkhouse

The Milkhouse, South Monmouth

While farming in Maine is growing, the dairy industry is in decline. Caitlin Frame, Andy Smith and their son Linus are among the few young dairy farming families that are working against that trend, employing new strategies to make small-scale dairy farming viable.

The cost of starting a dairy operation, which requires more land and infrastructure than the average vegetable farm, is a huge obstacle for young farmers looking to get into the dairy business. Caitlin and Andy spent several years working on farms and establishing a successful yogurt and bottled milk business before finding the perfect farm — through Maine FarmLink– to grow their farm business. The 280-acre property included much of the infrastructure they needed, and ample pasture, but was more expensive than they could afford. MFT purchased an easement on the property. This made the land more affordable and reduced the amount of money the couple needed to borrow for their mortgage.

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