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Meet more of our Maine FarmLink seekers

Maine FarmLink is a land linking service that helps connect people who are seeking farmland, with farmland owners (or their representatives) who are looking to sell, lease or work out non-traditional tenure arrangements, based on their respective interests, needs and goals. Farmers and landowners from around the state use this platform to share their stories and find the right situation for themselves and their land based on their respective interests, needs, and goals. Farmland seekers and landowners can upload profiles to the Maine FarmLink website, like this profile recently uploaded by farm seekers Shannon & Matt!

We have been collectively farming for 10+ years on organic vegetable farms and with livestock. We currently manage our own small-scale regenerative farm on leased land. We raise pastured waterfowl, grass-fed sheep and nursery crops, with the hope to expand our livestock enterprises once we transition to a larger piece of land. We are college graduates with degrees in science and have a passion for caring for the land through organic practices. We are currently participating in MOFGA’s Journeyperson program.  Our vision is to expand into larger grass-based livestock while continuing to grow our current enterprises. We have detailed proposal documents available upon request.”  Shannon and Matt are open to talking about many diverse arrangements to acquire a farm – as in a sale, or leasing, etc.  To learn more about them and to let them know what you may have to offer in terms of a parcel of land or more, please reach out to them directly at blackearthforestfarm@gmail.com

Read more about Shannon & Matt HERE, and meet more farm seekers by going to MaineFarmLink.org. To find out if your farmland is a good fit for our online linking program, fill out the online application or get in touch with Sue Lanpher, Maine FarmLink Coordinator

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