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With your support, MFT can continue to not only protect Maine farmland, but revitalize Maine’s rural landscape by keeping agricultural lands working and helping farmers and their communities thrive.

When you become a member of MFT, you join our growing community of members and will help protect farmland, support farmers, and advance the future of farming in Maine. Thank you for your support!

Membership FAQs

  • We are excited to offer different levels of membership you can choose which level of giving works best for you and what benefits matter most to you. 
  • All memberships will renew each year in April. This will help us use our resources more efficiently while planning and budgeting for a successful year of programs that support farms across the state!

I typically donate to MFT at the end of the year, why are you asking me to renew? April 1st marks the beginning of our membership year for administrative and voting purposes. We encourage you to renew at this time, not only to help set us up for a successful season but also to make the most out of your membership benefits! We also appreciate your additional support throughout the year!

Does my membership level increase if I give more than once? Absolutely! This is a building membership, which means every dollar you donate to MFT during the membership year is counted towards your annual membership level. Once you hit a new level we will reach out to you with hearty congratulations and provide you with any additional membership benefits. 

I have additional questions about my membership. Who can I talk to? Isabel, our fantastic Member Engagement Manager! Please call (207) 338-6575 or email ismith@mainefarmlandtrust.org with any questions about your membership! 

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