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MFT February Staff Updates

Winter is a time for reflection and preparation, and that includes staff changes here at MFT. We’re proud to (re-)introduce 3 members of our staff that have recently moved into new roles here at MFT, as they continue to grow and find new ways to help us advance the future of farming.

Katie Boss, Director of Development

Katie Boss has become our new Director of Development! Katie joined MFT’s development team in 2020 as our Grants Manager, and has been involved in agricultural land protection and food systems work in Maine for decades. Katie’s first job was working on a small diversified organic farm in Orland, Maine at the age of 14, and this shaped Katie’s worldview and she has been chasing this vision and her passion for local agriculture ever since. Her favorite Maine food? Freshly harvested purple Magic Molly potatoes. 

Here’s why MFT’s work is important to Katie:

“I value the organization’s ability to look holistically at the many complex challenges facing Maine’s farmers, research solutions, seek out partnerships for greater impact, and develop collaborative responses that honor the needs of our farming communities and move us toward a stronger future for farming in Maine. I am honored to be a part of the MFT team, and support the work that is changing the literal and figurative landscape of agriculture in our state.”

Hannah Chamberlain, Stewardship Program Manager

We are excited to have Hannah Chamberlain stepping into the role of Stewardship Program Manager after our fond farewell to Lyndsey Marston! Hannah brings her experience as an MFT Land Steward and working with many other land trusts to her new role heading up MFT’s Stewardship program. 

Here’s Hannah’s perfect day on the job: 

“An early fall day when it’s not too hot out. I would visit 2-3 easement farms and learn something new from each landowner while walking around the land. I might get to take a peek at an antique tractor collection or meet a good farm dog. I would walk a lot and preferably get to pet some cows (my current favorite farm animal – they crack me up when they follow me around a field). Every corner marker would be perfectly marked and all the boundaries would have stone walls (just kidding – I need a challenge!)  After a good long day of visits, I would stop in for an ice cream cone at Beal’s or the Dairy Corner.” 

Amanda Wheeler, Farmland Protection Project Manager

Amanda Wheeler has become our newest Farmland Protection project manager! Amanda has been with MFT since 2019, and she’ll now be working as part of our Farmland Protection team that works with farmers who are trying to protect their land. 

When Amanda’s not working, here’s what her ideal day would look like: 

“My ideal day involves waking up without an alarm, making a bacon and egg bagel sandwich, packing a lunch, and getting outside for the day – in the spring/summer/fall to explore somewhere by the ocean, and in the winter Nordic skiing. To end an ideal day, I have to get takeout – from Mami or Boda in Portland.”

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