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New Report: Maine Can Lead Food Production in New England

Written by Bryan Shawver

BELFAST – Farms and fisheries around the state of Maine could help the entire New England region produce 50 percent of its own food by the year 2060.

That’s according to A New England Food Vision, a newly released report that identifies opportunities for the region to provide more of our own food.

“There’s a great opportunity for more farming, for more food processing, and other jobs. This is smart economic development,” says John Piotti, President and CEO of Maine Farmland Trust.

Organizations like Maine Farmland Trust and Penobscot East Resource Center have started to implement pieces of the report by helping local farmers get the resources they need.

Dr. Molly Anderson, a professor and co-author of the report, says growing farms and making the state a major source for food production would allow Mainers to buy local.

“We found overwhelming support for increasing the purchasing of local food if it’s at a reasonable cost that’s not too much higher than the foods from anywhere that are available in supermarkets now,” says Anderson.

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