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maine farms: Annual Journal

Maine Farms is an annual journal created especially for Maine Farmland Trust members.

The journal takes a deeper look at what’s happening in food and farming, with fresh, honest stories and photographs. Our hope is that the stories within will inspire you, and perhaps broaden your image of the farm and food landscape in Maine. Be a part of the committed crowd of enthusiastic supporters who are growing the future for farming.


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FOREVER FARM: South Paw Farm

Winterberry Farm Photo Essay

Back to the Land

Maine’s Hard Cider Revival

The business of seeds

A Changing Climate and Maine’s Farms: a real threat, matched by real promise

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The Greens of Spring

FOREVER FARM: Hapworth Farm

Reclaiming Maine’s Lost Farmland (and rethinking how we farm)

Jacinda Martinez: dressing up with nature



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