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The Faces of Farms: Nubian Goats of Tide Mill Creamery

Throughout 2015, photographer Catherine Frost will be traveling to Maine farms all across the state, visiting those with their own special livestock. From alpaca to water buffalo to turkeys and rare breeds of horses, each month will feature new faces. The best will be featured in a show at the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in January and February of 2016.

Nubian Goats of Tide Mill Creamery

Goats. They’re a challenge to photograph, for sure. But I love the reason why. They exist where fearless meets curious.

The protective cover of the herd like a comforting blanket settling on a bed. It allows an open heart to bravely taste whatever is in front of them (a sweat-salty t-shirt or chewy red wellies coated with poo, they don’t seem to care as long as they can get a piece of it) or follow a complete stranger’s lead. In the safety of many, they are free to be one.

I had a hard time getting a wide-angle shot because each time I tried to move from the herd, by the time I was turned around and on the ground, there they were – all oblong ears and silly goat grins. “Watcha’ doin’?” they asked, eyes wide and unblinking. “Sitting in dung,” I say.

I wonder, as the mirror of the lens shows them their cock-headed reflection, if they have feeling in their heart or a thought in their head. I’m going to say “yes.” And I am going to assume they are as happy and carefree as they appear, eating sapling leaves, giving the occasional buck to a brother, feeling fresh after a good milking and just hanging comfortably with the herd. At peace.

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